ICT&ART CONNECT 2013 - Brussels

ICT&ART CONNECT 2013 will demonstrate in workshops and in exhibitions synergies of art and ICT and how they will enhance creativity in both society and technology. During this event creators from ten countries will test out our capacity to change our behaviour and to collectively create new visions. Digital tools, such as online communities and data visualisation, will be used to channel artistic creativity into efforts to reconnect Europe with its citizens.

The events are linked to the development of a New Narrative for Europe, which aims to show that the European Union is not just about fixing an economic crisis and creating jobs, but is also a political and cultural project based on universal values and shared beliefs. They will discuss in workshops and showcase during exhibition in Brussels art venues the capacity of art and ICT to bring in a new angle to this discussion.

The ‘New Narratives for Europe’   project was launched this year, at Bozar in Brussels in presence of EC president Barroso.  So far, the discussion has been largely fuelled by input from politicians and intellectuals; this event aims to bring the creativity of digitally enabled and inspired artists into the conversation.

Download the event brochure.

Programme outline

9th -10th  November 2013, 10.00-18.00:  WORKSHOPS@iMAL

These hands-on workshops aim to foster creative collaborations between artists and ICT professionals and to enhance interdisciplinary co-creation in projects and works of art that engage the citizens of Europe in debates around new technologies responding to societal challenges.

Participants will begin to form ten collaborative groups in a supportive environment whilst experimenting with available technologies (e.g. 3D printers or hacking), materials, and environments in which they collaborate. The workshops will be started with key notes by William Latham, Honor Harger. Beth Coleman and Andrzej Novak will present two ideas for working groups.  Other working groups will emerge during the speed dating at the beginning of the workshops.

The most promising results from these groups will be presented during the session on Monday in European Parliament. Furthermore, through the workshops a number of collaborative ICT & Art links might be developed.  These links could be followed up in ICT&ART residencies sponsored by the FP7 project ‘FET-ART‘.

11th  November 2013, 11.00-13.00 and 15.00-17.00: EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT SESSIONS

The European Parliament will host two working sessions. In the morning session renowned speakers will address participants: Roy Ascott, Atau Tanaka and Gerfried Stocker. The afternoon session will present results of the weekend workshops in 7min presentations.

On this occasion, a round table will be hosted at European Parliament on future directions for ICT&ART CONNECT that will be chaired by Robert Madelin, Director General of DG CONNECT.


9 November, 19.00 at HLP gallery* , Vernissage of ICT&ART exhibition during BOZAR night

The exhibition at Harlan Levy Projects will look at different ways information is produced, shared, edited and revolves around ‘actor network theories’ to form or transform contemporary and future European narratives. All presented works question the nature of art in an age of entertainment and demonstrate ICT as both hardware and software in potential conversations of best civil practices.

 10th  November 2013 at BOZAR ,  exhibition on November 10th , 19.00

The exhibition at BOZAR, through selected art pieces, proposes to underline the capacity that ICT and Art, together, have to create new interrelationships between arts and the audience as well as new modalities of interaction between the audience and its surroundings. Visitors will experience a process of entering a universe of new feelings and knowledge, and will be invited to share their own singular experience in different playful ways.

Nellie Kroess, vice president European Commission and Paul Dujardin, director BOZAR will open the exhibition.

11th November , 17.30:  Opening  of AUGMENTED REALITY INSTALLATION  at European Parliament

Collectron, an audiovisual interactive installation, is a creative platform that allows people, using their own bodies as interfaces, to manipulate and exchange information.  During this two week installation, the audience will be able to construct their own collaborative visions of Europe simply by positioning and moving their bodies in space.

*Harlan Levey Projects, 37 rue Leon LePage, 100 Brussels